Denarii, Ticker: ARI is an ERC20 token powered by the Ethereum blockchain. ARI has a capped fixed supply of 30,000,000 ARI, with social and fair distribution over time. No ICO, No Presale. Launched in Q3 2020, ARI will function as the token of choice for future dapps, defi ecosystems, and Ethereum cross-chain development.


ARI is a fixed supply ERC20 Token with external smart contracts to build out its ecosystem of decentralized applications (dapps) powered by the Ethereum blockchain network.



Name: Denarii

Ticker: ARI

Decimals: 8

Total Supply: 30,000,000 ARI

No ICO or Presale

Uniswap Token List: list.denarii.eth

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15,000,000 ARI (50%) reserved for future burn or community distribution, tba

5,000,000 ARI (16%) reserved for social distribution and community airdrops (over the course of ~5 years)

4,000,000 ARI (14%) reserved for Denarii dapps, games, and ecosystem ARI rewards (over the course of ~5 years)

3,000,000 ARI (10%) reserved for marketing, promotion, services, and development of Denarii dapps, services, and ecosystems

3,000,000 ARI (10%) was reserved and distributed to previous FortunaStake (Masternode) owners on the Denarius (D) blockchain during launch


Denarii Contract Addresses


Denarii DApps – ARI Staking Pool Dapp

IPFS Mirror of – Coming Soon – Coming Soon – Coming Soon

Denarii Roadmap


  • Launch Denarii Token

    Launched Denarii (ARI) Token

    View ARI Contract on Etherscan

    Released Q3 2020

  • ARI/ETH Uniswap Pair Listing

    Listed ARI on Uniswap ARI/ETH Pair

    ARI/ETH Uniswap LP Pair

    Released Q3 2020

  • ARI Trust Wallet Logo

    ARI logo added to the Trust Wallet Asset repository for multiple dapps and services.

    Released Q3 2020

  • Launch of ARI Uniswap LP Staking Pool

    Launched ARI UNI-V2 LP Token Staking Pool for staking ARI/ETH liquidity for ARI rewards

    Released Q3 2020

  • Launch of ARI Staking Pool

    Launched ARI Staking Pool for staking ARI for ARI rewards

    Released Q3 2020

  • Launch of ARI Balancer LP Staking Pool

    Launched ARI Balancer LP staking pool for staking BPT (ARI-USDC-DAI) LP tokens for ARI rewards

    Released Q3 2020

  • Official Site Launch

    Launched Official Website for Denarii (ARI)

    Released Q3 2020

  • ARI Ecosystem Expansion

    Launch more ARI based staking pools and other new dapps including games.


  • CEX and Defi Services

    Launch a defi statistics platform and work towards getting ARI listed on major central exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Gemini, etc. Get ARI support in Metamask


  • ARI Cross-Chain Swaps

    Launch with Denarius (D), the new platform Kronos to create an all-in-one wallet application to access your ETH based tokens and Bitcoin/Denarius type cryptocurrencies, with goals of enabling swapping of tokens<>cryptocurrencies and vise versa.


  • ARI NFT Platform

    Launch an ARI NFT Platform and Marketplace dapp that competes with other industry solutions and utilizes ARI as it’s currency of choice.


Community Resources

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